Greener Pastures Missoula, Montana


Professionalism is our priority. Our Missoula medical marijuana dispensary brings you educated staff and excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on giving you a quality experience from start to finish.

We Are Where You Are in Montana

Our Missoula, MT, medical marijuana dispensary offers a discrete location on a street with plenty of convenient parking. We also have locations in Bozeman and Big Sky, in case you find yourself taking a bit of a detour. We want to offer convenient locations in everyone’s favorite places in Montana.

As our patient, you’re free to visit any and all of them.

The Best Bang for Your Buck

Enjoy our specials that deliver plenty of value for your money. If you’re a new patient, get a $50 credit! We also offer $180 monthly ounce specials and daily $5 pre-rolls. You don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy our high-end experience.

Organic and Pesticide Free Cannabis

Our cannabis is pesticide free, and we use organic nutrients. We use these nutrients because we believe it makes our cannabis taste and looks better, improving your consumption experience. We also take this approach with our pest control, so you never have to worry about harmful pesticides getting into your cannabis.

40+ Strains of Medical Cannabis

Our cannabis buds span the alphabet from Agent Orange to Zkittlez. Our ever-changing strain list offers Cannabis Cup winners alongside local favorites. Find the medical marijuana that fits your taste and unique needs, and enjoy trying out new varieties as they come in.

Solvent-free Concentrates

Don’t put yourself at risk with explosive solvents in your cannabis flower. Our concentrate menu contains house-made extracts that we generate with an industrial grade heat press. You’ll never want to go back to anything else.

Certified Commercial Kitchen

Our certified commercial kitchen allows us to create delicious cannabis edibles and infused products that meet all of the local health standards. You can enjoy this convenient cannabis form without concerns about cross contamination or other food safety issues.

Secure and Private Personal Information

We keep your information on encrypted, secure servers. It’s never shared with anyone, so you don’t need to worry about your personal data getting out to unauthorized parties.

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Greener Pastures Missoula, MT

900 Strand Ave.

(406) 370-7186